Ashby Community Support Services (ACSS)

TABIRS has always been committed to providing influential support to transform people’s lives. Our community-first approach is exactly why Ashby Community Support Services exist – to help individuals in the comfort of a familiar environment. ACSS and Finch Residence are designed to provide progressive support to those living locally.

Working collaboratively is our secret to success. Between facilitators, in-house clinical specialists and consultants, they prescribe professional support designed to achieve goals unique to the individual. These include:

• Living independently
• Staying productive
• Building social networks
• Participating in their community

TABIRS has unrivalled access to staff who stand side by side with clients every step of the journey. Working to construct positive every day routines, it’s their priority to deliver tailor-made support that maximizes each and every client’s progression and success. This is conducted on a one-to-one or group basis, whatever is best suited to the individual.

Community Support Services (CSS) staff can successfully assist in a variety of ways including:

• Home management
• Personal management
• Skill development
• Education
• Employment

They also work with clients in their environment to teach important skills, including:

• Money management and budgeting
• Medical management and assistance to ensure appropriate follow-up
• Activities of household management, such as grocery shopping and meal planning
• Community orientation, travel training and how to access community resources
• Time management and scheduling

Flexible, customized care and service plans

Wondering when we develop a care and service plan? This is drafted at the very beginning for comfort and peace of mind. Based on an assessment conducted during admission, follow-up assessments take place via interviews, questionnaires or surveys and direct observations that take place in the client’s home or in the community.

We optimize teaching and training efforts by only applying them in environments best suited for success. Rest assured, in any case, every level of participation tackles issues of cognition head on.


For more information about Ashby Community Support Services (ACSS), please contact TABIRS today by calling (416) 696-6031, toll free: (833) 696-6031

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