Adult Day Services

Tailor-made, collaborative programs

Far too often, the people we meet have previously experienced barriers accessing mainstream support and rehabilitation programs. Why? Because their cognitive, behavioural and social issues have stood in the way. We believe every life matters. That’s why we never turn our back on those depending on our support – just one reason why our Adult Day Services exist.

Want to know why our Adult Day Services (ADS) are so popular? Our participants helped us create them, that’s how! In every case, our programs are developed in collaboration with participants and staff. Ultimately, these social, recreational and skill building programs are all tailor-made to suit individuals’ precise needs and progression, providing happiness and purpose in turn.

Here when you need us most

Operating in a three-month cycle to provide participants flexibility in their schedules, Adult Day Service programs take place in the most accessible locations across the GTA. Additional drop-in access provides a safe and welcoming home away from home whenever it’s required.

Providing purpose, every day

We have a wide range of transformative Adult Day Services available:

• Health and Wellness

Moderate activity and social exercise to encourage a generally healthy lifestyle. Activities include community fitness, High Park walking and seated yoga.

• Socializing

Active and passive group activities to promote socializing via casual discussion and games. Activities include bingo, movie nights and sports talk.

• Creative Arts

Programs designed to inspire expression and creativity, from food to music. Activities include comedy club, cooking club and karaoke.

• Leadership building

Programs designed to develop assertive communication, teamwork, planning and execution of tasks. This is conducted through mentor programs such as the Mentor Lunch Program and Mentor Snack Bar.


All Adult Day Service programs require registration. Please contact TABIRS to register by calling (416) 696-6031, toll free: (833) 696-6031. Participants are responsible for all transportation and personal support requirements. Those requiring extra support are welcome to bring a family member or attendant. Programs are continually added or adapted in response to participant feedback.

Other services we provide:

We transform lives.
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