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Judy Moir, B.A. (Hons), M.P.A

Director of Programs and Services

Judy Moir is currently the Director of Programs and Services at TABIRS and has represented CHIRS in a number of roles down the years.

Previously holding positions as Residential Facilitator, Service Coordinator and Intake Coordinator, she currently leads and directs the development and implementation of clinical and support services to meet TABIRS’ objectives.

Judy left CHIRS in 2000 to complete her Master of Public Administration. Thereafter, she undertook the role of Project Manager and Assistant Executive Director at the Toronto ABI Network/ GTA Rehab Network. In this role, Judy worked with rehab hospital CEOs and community executive directors to find innovative solutions to system level issues. Also interacting with the Minister of Children and Youth Services, senior leads at the Ministry of Health and the LHINs, and others, she worked to raise awareness about ABI and the needs of the rehab sector, and to facilitate provincial level discussions about the provision of services.

Since 2014, Judy returned to CHIRS/ TABIRS taking over the role of Director of Programs and Services.


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