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Every life matters. Transform one with TABIRS.

Living with the effects of ABI is hard, but we can help make things easier. Our wide range of rehabilitation and support offerings are designed to help families cope and compensate when life gets tough. With TABIRS, we’ll help your loved one live a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

Why Hire TABIRS?

With access to clinicians with over 35 years of combined industry experience, we handle the most complicated and catastrophic brain injury cases in Ontario. Our neuropsychological reports are easily interpretable for family members and readily translated into service and care plans.

Providing evaluation and intervention with other co-existing conditions such as mental illness and substance use is a specialty of our programming.

Our community-first approach sees service fees reinvested to the CHIRS Foundation too. This way, your investment doesn’t simply help rehabilitate your loved one but supports others in need too.

Where And How Are Services Provided?

Our services are multi-faceted meaning care is provided in a range of settings, determined by our assessment and in discussion with you. Services are provided at TABIRS’ Adult Day Program at 62 Finch Avenue West in Toronto as well throughout the GTA. Our outreach and case management team will work with you and your family in the community and in cooperation with other service providers. TABIRS also has access to three long-term supportive housing options. Visit our Services page to discover the full range of ways we can help.

How Are Services Charged?

TABIRS’ services are provided on a fee-for-service basis. Every individual requires different services and specific levels of care in their own acquired brain injury rehabilitation. Contact us for a free consultation so we can discuss the finer details of your own individual case.

How To Contact Us

Contact Clinic Coordinator, Naneesh Powell, for a free consultation today. Call us at (416) 696-6031 or 833-696-6031 (toll free). Alternatively, click below to submit your message.

Why choose TABIRS? Here’s how we’re different.

Practical Reports

Designed to be easily interpreted by clients and families, and readily translated into service and care plans.

Specialized Practice

Providing evaluation and intervention with complex co-occurring conditions such as serious mental illness and substance use.

Significant Expertise

Our assessors are experienced with medical legal evaluations and are confident courtroom experts.

Long-Term Care Specialists

As clinicians who provide ongoing intervention for clients in the community, we are well positioned to advise on long-term care needs and costs as well.

Discover the difference our rehabilitation and support services can make.
Please call us today at (416)-696-6031, toll free: 833-696-6031.

We transform lives.
Help us do more for the community.

A gift to the CHIRS Foundation is a wonderful way to pay tribute or make a dfference to those
living with ABI and their families. Your donations help with undertaking more ABI research,
consistently improving care facilities, and employing even more influential members of staff.

People Also Asked

What services do you provide?

We provide a wide range of flexible and specialist ABI rehabilitation and support services from Adult Day Services to Neuropsychological Services. Please visit our Services page to discover the full range of ways we can help.

Where is TABIRS based?

Toronto ABI Rehab Specialists Limited (TABIRS) is based at 62 Finch Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario M2N 7G1. When visiting us, there are a limited number of parking spaces behind our building. Please visit our Contact Us page for directions to our office.

What clinical credentials does TABIRS have?

TABIRS benefits from first-hand access to two professional neuropsychologists with over 35 years of combined industry experience. Find out more about specialist clinicians Dr. Carolyn Lemsky and Dr. Michelle Busse by visiting their bio pages.

How does TABIRS work with CHIRS?

TABIRS works solely in collaboration with Community Head Injury Resource Services of Toronto (CHIRS). We provide a broad range of life-changing services to the ABI community on a fee-for-service basis. TABIRS benefits from CHIRS’ expertise and reputation developed and refined over 40 years.

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