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CHIRS has provided me with a greater sense of independence. Before CHIRS, and after my accident, I was living with my mother. Moving into a residence at CHIRS gave me a chance to step back into society. As well, I really love the music program at CHIRS; it gives me a chance to practice the harmonica and to join my friends in singing. I also like to mentor at the club. Doing laundry, serving coff­ee and washing dishes is a great way to feel productive and give back to CHIRS.

CHIRS Client

My favourite thing about CHIRS is connecting with my peers and helping out. I prepare lunch at the club twice a week, run a Scrabble group on Tuesday and help with karaoke on Thursday. It helps to keep my brain stimulated and allows me to feel like I am doing something worthwhile with my life. I love the challenge of making the club a welcoming and positive place. It feels so good to turn frowns into smiles. If I didn’t have CHIRS I would feel isolated and would have far less to look forward to.

Rob B.
CHIRS Client

The quality of human beings in this building, from staff to volunteers to students to participants, is so far superior to what is found in the regular world. There is always someone here to lend a hand or provide a positive word when needed. There is always something to do at CHIRS. You will never be bored. Many people who attend have had their life change, going from working full time to having a lot of time on their hands. CHIRS gives us a place to go and meet people and have fun.


CHIRS is a good place to hang out. People are my own type in that we all have a brain injury, which means that we understand each other. It is good to know that at CHIRS people won’t dismiss me right away if they see that I walk funny or hear me talking in a peculiar fashion. I mentor at the club on Mondays and I do the work as needed. It keeps me busy and helps me feel needed. Plus the coffee is cheap which is a bonus!

Jeff C.

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People Also Asked

What services do you provide?

We provide a wide range of flexible and specialist ABI rehabilitation and support services from Adult Day Services to Neuropsychological Services. Please visit our Services page to discover the full range of ways we can help.

Where is TABIRS based?

Toronto ABI Rehab Specialists Limited (TABIRS) is based at 62 Finch Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario M2N 7G1. When visiting us, there are a limited number of parking spaces behind our building. Please visit our Contact Us page for directions to our office.

What clinical credentials does TABIRS have?

TABIRS benefits from first-hand access to two professional neuropsychologists with over 35 years of combined industry experience. Find out more about specialist clinicians Dr. Carolyn Lemsky and Dr. Michelle Busse by visiting their bio pages.

How does TABIRS work with CHIRS?

TABIRS works solely in collaboration with Community Head Injury Resource Services of Toronto (CHIRS). We provide a broad range of life-changing services to the ABI community on a fee-for-service basis. TABIRS benefits from CHIRS’ expertise and reputation developed and refined over 40 years.

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