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Community Head Injury Resource Services of Toronto (CHIRS)

TABIRS works solely in collaboration with Community Head Injury Resource Services of Toronto (CHIRS). CHIRS provides services to TABIRS, and, as such, TABIRS benefits from the not-for-profit charitable organization’s expertise and reputation developed and refined over 40 years.

Elsewhere, TABIRS works in partnership with a wide range of community agencies, medical practitioners,
families, lawyers, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), and insurance companies. This is all in an
effort to improve the quality of life for people living with the effects of a brain injury

Why choose TABIRS? Here’s how we’re different.

Practical Reports

Designed to be easily interpreted by clients and families, and readily translated into service and care plans.

Specialized Practice

Providing evaluation and intervention with complex co-occurring conditions such as serious mental illness and substance use.

Significant Expertise

Our assessors are experienced with medical legal evaluations and are confident courtroom experts.

Long-Term Care Specialists

As clinicians who provide ongoing intervention for clients in the community, we are well positioned to advise on long-term care needs and costs as well.

Discover the difference our rehabilitation and support services can make.
Please call us today at (416)-696-6031, toll free: 833-696-6031.

We transform lives.
Help us do more for the community.

A gift to the CHIRS Foundation is a wonderful way to pay tribute or make a dfference to those
living with ABI and their families. Your donations help with undertaking more ABI research,
consistently improving care facilities, and employing even more influential members of staff.

People Also Asked

How much does a neuropsychological evaluation cost?

Assessments are billed at an hourly rate consistent with the Ontario Psychological Association’s recommendations. Test batteries and reports are tailored to the purpose of the examination.

Will I be provided a cost before a neuropsychological evaluation?

Written estimates of costs are provided before the examination. Signed approval for billing is required before the date of testing.

What age do I have to be for a neuropsychological evaluation?

TABIRS neuropsychology services specialize in psychometric assessment of adolescents (aged 18 and over), adults and seniors with acquired brain injury for rehabilitation and medical-legal purposes.

How can I make a donation to the CHIRS Foundation?

There are two ways to make a donation. Either donate via the website or alternatively donate by cheque. If using the latter donation method, please print and download the donation form from the CHIRS website. Please follow the instructions on screen.

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